Practical Fraud Prevention

In this practical book, you'll get best practices, methodologies, and tools to help your organization detect and prevent online fraud and abuse.
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What Will You Get From This Book?

This book will help you gain a deep understanding of the diverse and fast-changing landscape of fraud attack methods, and the techniques and technologies used to identify and prevent them.

Explore a comprehensive view of typical attack types

Including recommended detection analytic methods to identify and mitigate different forms of fraud attacks against your organization.

Learn more about the balance between fraud and friction

Find the right balance between preventing fraud and providing a smooth customer experience - and ensure you’re supporting the wider goals of your organization.

Gain a framework of fraud prevention methods and analytics

Fraud prevention has become increasingly mature and complex. Understanding the possibilities will help ensure you make the right choices for your team, and the business you protect.

Read insights from across multiple business areas

Including e-commerce, banking, cryptocurrency and online marketplaces. Many topics are relevant to both fraud prevention and Anti-Money Laundering.

Understand more about how fraud prevention and AML fit

Appreciating how risk efforts are a part of the broader organization will enable you to gauge how best to present your team to other departments and upper management.

Python and SQL examples for fraud prevention and AML

Many of the fraud detection and mitigation techniques discussed in the book are accompanied by practical Python and SQL examples which can be adapted to your needs and processes.

Who should read this book?

Practical Fraud Prevention is designed to be helpful in different ways to a diverse range of readers, at different stages of their careers. It’s a valuable resource whether you’re looking for an overview, an introduction, deep dives into attack methods and identification and mitigation techniques, or suggestions for how to ensure your fraud team has more prominence and investment within your organization.

Experienced fraud fighters

Broaden your knowledge of fraud, or learn more about fraud in a particular industry, or a specific form of attack.

Veteran fraud fighters

Arrange your knowledge into a helpful framework, in order to move from tactics to strategy, and safely guide and protect your organization in the ever-changing fraud landscape.

Beginner fraud fighters

Build a firm understanding of the key fundamentals of fraud prevention, to ensure a strong start for your career in fraud prevention.

Fraud managers

If you’re searching for training materials for your analysts, then this book will support your efforts by providing a solid foundation for your team.

Professionals in other fields

Understand more about fraud in your company, how fraud, fraud prevention and AML impact other departments and metrics, and how best to work with risk professionals to achieve the best results for the company as a whole. In particular, Policy Managers, Data Scientists, Ad tech researchers, Risk Managers and Analysts will find it relevant - but many others as well.

Anyone working in the fraud fighting industry

Whether you’re in Marketing, Sales, Product, Customer Success or other areas, gain valuable context and deep insight into the workings of the fraud prevention industry, and the challenges fraud fighters deal with on a daily basis.

About The Authors

Gilit Saporta, director of fraud analytics at DoubleVerify, is an experienced fraud-fighting leader with over two decades of experience in the fields of fraud prevention and intelligence. During the course of her career, she has kept fraudsters at bay, and led and trained fraud analysts at FraudSciences, PayPal, Forter, and Simplex.

Gilit has also contributed as a lecturer and advisor to the Tel Aviv University MBA Fintech Fraud course, and to the steering committee of the annual CyberWeek FraudCon Conference. She co-hosts Fraud Fighters’ Israeli meetups and has led the Israeli branch of RiskSalon. An experienced conference speaker, Gilit advocates for collaboration and has contributed to many fraud, risk, and payments publications. In her spare time, Gilit is a mother to Alon and Hagar, wife to Ori, dog- owner, cat- owner, drama enthusiast, and choir singer.

Shoshana Maraney is an experienced writer with more than a decade of experience in expressing complex concepts, technologies, and techniques in comprehensible and relatable language. She has worked in the fraud prevention industry for more than seven years, first at Forter and now at Identiq, where she is the content and communications director. Her favorite part of her job is running roundtable discussions for fraud fighters.

She is a content committee member of the Tel Aviv University CyberWeek FraudCon Conference, and has created numerous presentations for risk and payments conferences around the world. She has composed many articles for fraud, risk, and payments publications. Her degree is from Cambridge University. Writing is both her profession and her hobby, so she jumped at the opportunity to write this book.